Things I’m proud of this year

Let’s not get TOO personal though, shall we?

2010 was the year of the Road Trip for me, and culminated in me compiling a top 5 wilderness moments post which sat on the front page of WordPress for Christmas and gave me a heady (but short lived) rush of hits. It was an incredible one, with 5 months of travel, a new city to live in and discover, new friends to meet and make and a shift in career.

2011 was the result. There were ups, there were downs. I sorely missed being able to stand alone at the top of mountains or surf empty lineups. But I was able to:

  • Write a short story
  • Record podcasts
  • Host a weekly radio show
  • Create a stop motion animation, which kicked ass
  • Write and record for an innovative project on PLoS blogs, of which this was the highlight (Anna = amazing)
  • Complete a MSc in Science Communication with Distinction
  • Play in the Sci Comm band at the end of year party
  • Get nominated for a Bloggie award, and be pushed to blog higher-quality stuff (for a while at least)
  • Learn to boulder moderately well (I’m more proud of the fact I’ve stuck at it and learned, not so much where I’m at…)
  • Get a job, some of which involves basically the coolest stuff I could hope for in a workplace

It’s a very different list to the previous year (and by no means complete, but there’s more personal stuff that I don’t really feel like blagging on the ‘net!). Last year was about where I went and what I did; testing my confidence in myself out in the wide world. This year was applying myself to think and create, and exposing the results to scrutiny, albeit mostly mild!

An army boot, ready to be blasted by a force faster than a high-speed car impact.

What am I going to do in 2012? I’ll have to think about that more closely – there are huge question marks, because my job is only guaranteed until April, and I know there’s a good chance I’ll be back in Australia by 2013. Perhaps Wales (where I am now, posting this phantom-like, three days in the future) will offer a window into my hopes and dreams…

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4 thoughts on “Things I’m proud of this year

  1. Chris

    You have been the architect of 2 amazing and rewarding years in your life, Dave. I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to join you on that journey through your blog. Thank you.

  2. I enjoy your blog and you never seem to sleep…

    The video is charming, but as someone who creates intellectual content for a living (and pays agents and lawyers a lot of my income to protect it) I’m surprised and dismayed you used music that is quite likely protected by copyright, and with no credit. I hope The Who don’t come after you!

    • @broadsideblog, yes – there is a credit on the Vimeo page for the video, but I’m aware it’s ‘cheating’. The video was for an assignment that was submitted internally at Imperial and our original plan was to have Nils play piano over the piece, but we didn’t have time to record it. It was a cop-out really, but Overture fit freakishly closely with the video we’d assembled so we went with it. My main self-justification is that there are absolutely no commercial gains made by us for using it, or losses for the Who!

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