My 5 best posts of 2011

(Other than this one, which is pure concentrated awesome).

Straight from the blogger's mouth.

There’s no metric or rationale behind this list, but these were generally among my most popular posts and/or held special significance. Interestingly, they cluster closely around the first 5 months of the year; it’s the time when I was digesting lots of really new and interesting ideas on the Masters course, had a decent amount of time to devote to writing, and also was up for a Bloggie so I was trying extra hard!

  • Super Cool Stuff: Explosion Edition: This one’s on the list because it was, by far, the most fun to put together. Not only did I get to go out in the sun, I got to play with my camera and water balloons.
  • When I Become You, We Can’t Be: My first work of fiction for a very long time. The concept is still bouncing around in my mind – there’s a lot of potential, I think…
  • Kill the communication status quo. With guns: I wanted to be a bit provocative with this post, hence the title. I was pissed off when I wrote it, and I’m still pissed off. However, I am a little chuffed. I said in that post we needed a dodgy climate rap, and 3 weeks later, voila:
  • The Scientist’s Dilemma: Probably one of the more serious pieces I did of the year, and it was picked up by WordPress, so a decent amount of people saw it (hooray!). It highlights the problem that faces anyone trying to tell a new story or explain a new idea.
  • It’s Science: “My Farts Smell Better Than Yours!”: Hands down my most popular post of the year. I did do a genuine amount of research for it, too! It was written somewhat reluctantly upon request, but usually tops my daily hit count with a wide, and sometimes disturbing, array of search engine queries.

So there you have it… my 5 favourites. If you haven’t seen them before, go check ’em out! Unfortunately I’ve been too busy in the past few months to really invest time and creative energy into writing quality posts, but in 2011, I plan to scale back my posting and focus on better posts, rather than lots of posts.

Speaking of which, I posted 337 times in 2011 (… really? Whoa) and according to WordPress, had about 63 000 page views, which doubled my 2010 tally. Will I be able to resist the pull of the publish button and the stat counter in 2012? We’ll have to wait and see…

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3 thoughts on “My 5 best posts of 2011

  1. Excellent choices!

  2. “…but in 2011, I plan to scale back my posting and focus on better posts, rather than lots of posts.”

    2012, you mean? :P Happy New Year! LOVE the fart post. You should do a post on the disturbing search terms!

  3. Oh dear, I haven’t gotten my head around the year change yet! I saw a thing about an event which happened on the 11th of January, 2011, and thought “Wait, that’s the future! … oh.”

    The disturbing search terms… well, I’m not sure if reposting them will mean even more people will find my blog in their search for answers to their fart questions! Perhaps I should do a Part II!


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