Go West, for some ocean air

Between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, I escaped the cloying mass of humanity that is London, exchanging it for the quiet coastline south of Cardiff in Wales.

Patrick in the entrance to an immense, though shallow, cliff cave.

I didn’t go on the internet while I was there; I minimised my phone use; the only digital appliances I tolerated were my cameras. Oh, and a TV, when we watched Chinatown (now everything makes sense). In between, I read books, went for walks in the wind and rain, sat around a chatted, and generally just kicked back.

It was exactly what I needed to round out the year – a big, deep breath of fresh air and headspace to fuel me up for 2012.

The light was flat and unforgiving, but the scenery was good: I like how the houses form a spine on the hills.

When blue sky did peek through, it was spectacular. Walking to the headland, silhouettes against sky.

We also played with candles and matches (and even a bonfire). Simple times...

The beach was rocky and the wind strong; I opted against a rash swim.

I’m back to work today, and despite taking some time to ponder my future, I still have no clue what this year is going to bring. I do have some loose resolutions though; see more of Europe, get fighting fit and healthy, and get back in the ocean!

“And she called out a warning; ‘don’t ever let life pass you by.'”

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One thought on “Go West, for some ocean air

  1. Chris

    That last photo is great. Cardiff sounds like just what you needed.


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