In which I unearth treasure

My list of bookmarks is absurdly long at the moment, and most of them are saved because I wanted to share their goodness with you, my dear reader. So I will begin.

Enter the Obliteration Room.

The first you’ve probably seen if you live on Twitter, but if not: it’s the Obliteration Room. Click on the image above for some kid-friendly, mind-blowing, colour-dazzling modern art. When you return, we shall move on to the wonderful world of the ocean and uplifting music:

Caleb Graham has managed to capture the camaraderie, joy of exploration, intensity of bodyboarding and pure beauty of the ocean in two quick minutes. The soundtrack fits perfectly. Bravo, Caleb.


And to complete the trifecta of cool stuff, it’s Abstruse Goose. Think of all the wondrous music you’ve heard, all the stunning scenery, the brilliant combinations of the two – a mere mail-slot in the doorway to experiencing reality. Fortunately, with taste and touch and technology, we can discover more; but if sight and sound were all I had, I could still be a happy man.

The obligatory shot by me.

This last shot I forgot to include in my Wales post. It’s from under one of the arches of an immense rail bridge near Barry, south of Cardiff, on a misty and rainy day. The skeletal winter trees seemed to be clawing at the wet sky, and black and white was the only way to capture the mood.

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