X marks the spot

Imagine this blog is a worn, tattered bit of paper, and you’re following a cartoonish dotted line toward a raggedly scrawled ‘X’. Two of them, in fact. You’re about to reach the destination, with a Guilty, Filthy Soul.

With Awolnation keeping your ears company, take a trip into the Monster Engine.

Kids’ monster sketches, illustrated by an inspired professional…

It’s such a brilliant but simple idea. Take sketches of monsters done by kids, illustrate them into graphic life, then have a chat with the kid about the result. Click on the image above to take a trip to the sample gallery for this immensely interesting project.

Next, this is a ‘long watch’, but worth it. It’s a simple story, told with impeccable cinematography, rich character, bizarre tone and very little language.

I started watching it thinking ‘pffft, 10 minutes, as if I’ll get through all that’, but put it in full-screen mode and let yourself get lost. It’ll be finished before you know it. And finally; a hot shot.

1/4000th of a second, as the match draws the candle flame in on itself.

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