A Dirty Adventure, Part 2

So where were we? Again, I’m not going to say, but the more savvy might be able to put together the clues.

The green snakes were leading us somewhere...

Sometimes we walked in the light.

We took giant steps, walking on...

At times, only a thin metal grille held us up over a river of fire.

But the place was intimate, shimmering red light the only sign of the world outside.

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4 thoughts on “A Dirty Adventure, Part 2

  1. Alana

    I’ve never been to London; but I think you are near the Thames…it looks like fun. Sort of spooky though. Are you going for a midnight boat ride, or exploring something that only appears at night?
    I hope you are behaving yourself! lol (I feel sure u r!) Hope u will reveal this mysterious place soon.


    • You’re very close to the mark, Alana. We were mostly behaving ourselves – it wasn’t strictly ‘legal’ but we weren’t causing any undue disturbance either! At times it was very spooky, especially when the lights went out…

  2. -1′

  3. Chris

    Somewhere along the London canal system? Would have been chilly there at night at this time of year.


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