A Dirty Adventure, Part 3

Even a mobile phone was a beacon in the darkest parts.

Surprises lurked in even the most bare parts of the trip. The hunted?

Other parts were more industrial; grit, dirt and dripping water ruled the night.

There were signs of those who had come before.

At the end of the tunnels, we came upon a nest of vipers...

That’s all I’ve got for you – it wasn’t the most photogenic place, but it had an eerie and gritty ambiance. A thick layer of dust coated everything, but we were caught up in the moment, shut off from the usual social norms that demand cleanliness and conformity. A party to remember, in an icon; an adventure, whose only lasting impact was the dirt on my clothes, a hundred photos that strained my camera’s low light limits, and a memory that will stay with me for years.

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4 thoughts on “A Dirty Adventure, Part 3

  1. PeterT

    the old london sewers or water mains – now looking like their used for telecom cables?

  2. that was a great idea!! love it!

  3. Chris

    Great setting for murder, action chase, haunting. Great fun…and right in the heart of London. Can I come to the next party?

  4. Pretty close Pete, it was something like that! It was a great fun party, hopefully I can get involved with similar events in the future.


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