“See Something or Say Something”

This is a very cool idea. It’s a map of geographically tagged Twitter (blue) and Flickr (orange) items; examining whether people in a certain region prefer to share what they say, or what they see.

In many ways, I would prefer to be in the orange (flickr) areas – they’re more likely to be photogenic, wild and beautiful! What is interesting, however, is the substanial number of areas in developing countries where blue is more prevalent – people may place more importance on communicating words than images, or have less access to fancy digital cameras. Note, for example, the difference between Java and Bali. Where are the wealthy tourists with cameras?

The big one, and the only one in the set (linked to above via the image) to feature Australia is the world (warning: big file). It’s fascinating to navigate, though – where in the world have you been, and did you take photos while you were there?

Next up is another little internet gem: the Gold Whale…

Then, later on…

But wait! A new, more optimistic Metallic Whale emerges…

Awwww. I like it a lot. The absurdity of philosophical concepts being told through whales in a post-apocalyptic world fails to escape me.

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One thought on ““See Something or Say Something”

  1. hkeimary1@aol.com

    hmmmm Sadly, the land dwellers appear to bent on self-destruction…..WAKE UP WORLD!!


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