I haven’t talked much about my work on this blog, except maybe to mention how busy it gets. The last two weeks have been an excellent example of the sheer craziness it can reach. Anna Starkey and I, with help from some of the other Lottolab team, put on an event for the Science Museum Lates which outstripped anything I’ve done before in terms of organisation, planning and production value. The next day, though, I was little more than a walking corpse – quite a come down after 15 solid hours of fast-tempo work, followed by celebrations!

We had musicians, a cocktail bar, a mass experiment incorporating real-time updating photographs, projectors and computer-based testing, and had a graffiti artist paint a fantastic mural onto a wall of canvas bags, which was then dismantled and taken home by visitors. The organisation encompassed ordering, designing and making signage, testing the various concepts (the indoor graffiti was particularly tricky due to aerosols indoors), assessing risks, arguing out details of the science experiments, organising volunteers, assembling the gallery space in the right way, promotion, negotiation, A/V, lighting, the list goes on.

It was a lot of different threads to keep an eye on, but we got enough of them right to deliver what worked out to be a great fun night. I wasn’t exactly able to relax and take it all in, because I was doing my best to ensure things were running to plan, and scrambling to fix problems as they arose. It was also the first event I’ve actually been responsible for in an official capacity, which taught me a lot about the importance of compartmentalising the event, delegating responsibility and leaving plenty of time in case things go wrong! Below are some pictures Anna took on the night:

Milo Tchais creating his amazing artwork. I should leave it to the pros. See his work by clicking on the image.

Anna Meredith, a top young composer, absolutely rocked the place. Click on the photo to go to her website, and check out her music for free.

The Brain Bar

We managed to get almost 500 people to take part in our experiment about donation and attractiveness, and we’ve now go to crunch the data and see what came out of it. But more importantly we hope that lots of people were able to come in and get thinking about science; simply by making people take part in an experiment, they were primed to ask questions, to wonder what they might do differently, or to consider if they’ve got an answer for the question we’re asking.

And we had a rad cocktail bar.

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4 thoughts on “Zombielab

  1. hkeimary1@aol.com

    I’m impressed with Milo T., he’s quiet good! My! You live such an interesting life! Now, I want to listen to Anna Meridith. I love Brit’s music! The best anywhere! imo

  2. Chris

    How amazing. What an awesome life you lead. Our PC now sports a fantastic Milo T mural as desktop background. Sounds like hard work though…but so rewarding! Keep up the amazing work. Lottolab rocks.

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