A Holiday

I met Ed on a trip to the Cook Islands in late 2007. His casual dedication – if that’s a thing – to capturing great images tipped me over the edge, from dabbling with photography, to buying a DSLR and starting on a never-ending learning curve. Here’s his latest project; beautiful work.


If you have a good internet connection and 13 minutes, I recommend turning on HD and watching it full-screen. Great stuff. My personal favourite bit (other than the school of fish breaching while Ben inverts at Padang) is the juxtaposition between Ben’s description of the pressure of being an individual in the sport, and the Balinese workers going about their daily tasks. A calmer pace, a calmer place, but still with action and excitement for those who seek it.

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One thought on “A Holiday

  1. I enjoyed this in so many ways. The window on aspects of Bali. Fantastic waves- like an Ethel’s session or a Straddie session time ten! Ben’s story. So well composed. It all feels right. Some place I’d rather be, to steal a current advertising cliche!


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