Snow Duo

I didn’t really think of snow as something that settles on top of, well, pretty much anything. Snow on the ground I can deal with – but snow on horse chestnuts? The strange scene of a tree, bare branches bearing blobs of black and white, was a 5am highlight.

The red in the orange. The classic London red phone booth, bathed in a hazy orange light. The humidity and fine mist of snow and ice that was still falling at 4:30am on Sunday morning gave this scene an eerie quality. It reminded me of the quality of light on a humid summer evening back home, but the snow crunching underfoot and the unusually quiet streets brought home the rare reality. Wandering around London, on fresh snow – it doesn’t happen often, and it’s a welcome change from the bland normal weather.

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One thought on “Snow Duo

  1. Chris

    Those snow photographs are stunning. So beautiful. I could sense the stilness. You should enter them into a photographic competition.


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