Frozen Ascents

About 8 months ago, I started bouldering at The Arch climbing wall in London Bridge. I’ve taken the camera along a couple of times now, and hopefully have collected enough footage to cut together a decent little video when I get the free time to invest. For now, and to give a little bit of context to those who have never encountered bouldering before… still photos!

Kostas negotiating one of the numerous 'ball' routes. Jonny's pirouette on it is something to behold...

Jonny, by far the most capable of my immediate circle of friends, whose unorthodox style 'tends toward self-parody', demonstrating a key part of bouldering: difficult, often non-vertical, technical moves.

And this one is me, demonstrating the use of 'volumes' (non-hold wall features) in a route which I couldn't complete, partly because it's hard, but also because the last move is quite high up and has a risky fall if failed!

It’s a good fun sport, not really capturing the independence and freedom of surfing (but what could? I imagine outdoor bouldering – which I will try in summer – comes closer) but great for general fitness, balance and puzzle solving. And trash talk. That’s always important.

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