An enchanting, grimy window

Take a look at London’s Overthrow.

“The question is whether these new glass boxes of large size can, over time, submit, surrender, become part of the city. This is something that Canary Wharf, the Docklands financial district begun in the late ‘80s, every day a thuggish and hideous middle-finger flipped glass-and-steel at the poor of the East End, every night a Moloch’s urinal dripping sallow light down on the Isle of Dogs, has never done and will never do.”

It’s got a sort of charm to the badness of the photos, but it draws one into to the world of this big city.

And while I’m at it, here’s a lighter read, but a very good one, and one that not just ‘rich’ people need to take heed of – because most of my readers will be far richer than most in the world.

“And when we hate people, it’s always for the same reason: They refuse to acknowledge that their power brings with it any responsibility. It’s why we hate bullies and dictators and supervillains. It’s why we hate people who benefit hugely from society and then pretend like they’re living on an island with a population of only them.”

Finally, a picture.


An oldie of the Imperial Wharf rail bridge on a peaceful London evening.

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