Dancing by the river

Busy times. I had to help plan and then run Lottolab’s last major Lates event for the foreseeable future. It went well – I think I’m starting to get the hang of this event management lark – though it was still tiring and stressful. The easiest part of the day was when the event was on, which still seems paradoxical, because it feels like I should be the busiest when the gallery is jam packed with people.

Today was all about dealing with the aftermath. It was a slow process. The unseasonal warmth was welcome on the walk home, though, and I took the scenic route along the Thames as the sun set. There was a funny sight – a guy pulled his bike up on the broad pathway, leaned it on the rail, and just started throwing down dance moves.

He was really getting into it, and he definitely didn’t look like a regular dancer – a little overweight, dressed in cycling gear. Good on him.

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be able to get back on the writing train soon. I’ve been reading Heat by George Monbiot and it is depressing but also reawakening my urge to grab the world by the collar and shake it until it starts behaving better.

Oh, and Underwater Sculptures, because they are cool (click on the image to visit the site):

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