I’ve changed the layout and style of my blog. If you remember the last change, you’ll remember I am pretty bad at picking one of these and settling on it, so be prepared for some tweaking over the next few days. Hopefully nothing ends up broken.

Here's a bonus photo, from a simpler time on the South Coast of Australia.

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7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-chaaanges

  1. MUCH nicer. That other theme was too busy and distracting.

    More photos!!

  2. Thanks! I’m not super convinced by the aesthetics of the titles/comment boxes etc, but it’s an improvement I think. And I can’t really complain about a free theme either! I’m hoping to break out my camera over the next couple of days, it’s been too long since I’ve had new material.

    • protohedgehog

      There should be some good photo opportunities around South Ealing on Friday evening! *hint hin*

      • JT, I suspect they would push the rating of my blog from PG to R+… unless you mean a sunset at Gunnersbury Park, or some such?

        • protohedgehog


          Yeah, sure, that too. We can certainly test the ability of your camera in extreme lighting conditions, and in the hands of at least one increasingly wobbly bipod.

  3. Chris

    Candid S Ealing pics. Hmmmm! Like brighter blog style. Spotted Bowie even before I opened blog. Any other significant changes to report?

  4. I like this theme… not much distraction. And I like the crumpled paper look of your comment box. I use Nuntius on my blog and if I remember to add featured images to the sticky posts it comes out alright. Since you post a lot of images maybe you could try it out for giving your blog the mag-look!


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