The first of a few

I’ve had a decent amount of time to get out and about with my camera lately, so over the next few days I’ll be trawling through my files to see if I can find anything interesting. Here’s the first result: a serene dusk at the Thames, near my house.

I find shooting in the hour after sunset to be interesting – in England, the sky stays light for quite a while (in summer at least), so there’s an odd mix of natural and artificial light. It also means taller or more reflective buildings continue to pick up a lot of light, while smaller ones rapidly darken. On this particular evening, I was hoping for the light to get that really warm, yellowish glow due to the sun dropping into London’s ever-present smog haze, but instead it dimmed and dwindled to a distinct bluish tinge.

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One thought on “The first of a few

  1. Chris

    Very nice.


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