From the ARGH files

Promises, targets, legal obligations, the act which was supposed to guarantee our carbon cuts: all are to be vaporised in the power station furnaces.

George Monbiot takes no prisoners regarding a new energy bill to be introduced in Britain, which appears to be noxiously complicated and difficult to comprehend. It makes me wonder to what extent the current government – who hail themselves as pro-environment – actually believe what they say, or if they are shamelessly using the presence of future carbon targets as a cover for short-term inaction (or action to support current business interests).

Have a read. Legislation like this must not pass by unnoticed. It will leave us with dated infrastructure, gut investment in progressive technology, and undermine Britain’s ability to credibly argue for strong action at a global scale. In more positive news, there is a model for strong investment in energy efficiency, demand reduction and the like; the German KfW bank.

In other news, here’s a picture.

Protecting the harbour at Barcelona…

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