A lapse in time

Here’s another little compilation of timelapses I’ve shot lately. I find it a fun way to shoot; it allows plenty of time for reflection, and there’s always that uncertainty about what’s going to happen while the camera clicks away. Sometimes the results aren’t all that spectacular (daylight in London has a bad habit of petering out, rather than giving the excellent golden hour look), but it requires a commitment to stay in the place and absorb what’s going on, which is just as valuable as the final product for me.

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8 thoughts on “A lapse in time

  1. David, that’s a good one. I am also thinking of doing a time lapse, but I don’t know where to start really….

    • Grab a cheap timer off ebay or the like, and have a go! I still haven’t really worked out what makes for a good subject; I think like any photo/video, the end result is only as meaningful as the story it tells. So while the clouds etc in the timelapse I made look pretty, and it was fun to make, it’s not all that great. Best way to learn: try.

  2. Nicely shot dave. I use my laptop and use tethered shooting (which is not the most convenient) for time lapses, which is a good thing as those RAW files take up some space :) Wanna try a tiltshift HDR time lapse: http://vimeo.com/2317118

    • I love Keith Loutit’s work! As far as I’m aware he pretty much pioneered that technique – the early work he did was brilliant, spawned a bunch of ripoffs but it looks so effective. And oh yes, RAW files get massive very quickly – I shoot JPEG with timelapses, set to neutral, though dynamic range is definitely an issue.

  3. Anonymous

    Nice! How’s the stand on that GoPro holding up. Let me know if it breaks.

  4. Anonymous

    It’s Jake BTW.

  5. Chris

    I really like the clouds. Always was, always will be, a fan of clouds. Plane trail reflecting golden light also nice. Music suited subject. What was it?


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