Can I scream?

I completed one of my teenage dreams by seeing New Noise live on Monday. It was absolutely mind-blowingly epic. Refused may have sold out, but they still fucking rock.

The closing of that chapter – after Refused’s 14-year hiatus – is a happy one for me, unlike this one:

Which breaks my heart a bit. Tony Sly, aged only 41 and with a young family, passed away. I managed to catch him at an acoustic show in 2010. That night, I shared a dorm room with a Japanese fan of Tony’s, who saw him at 4 shows on a Japanese tour, then had deliberately planned his backpacking trip to Australia so he would be able to see another 3. I imagine the poor guy is devastated right now.

Anyway, I’ve kind of been enjoying a break from regular blogging – there’s still writing going on, behind the scenes, but I’ve been doing quite a lot of thinking-y stuff at work and elsewhere lately and I’m enjoying using my spare time for other things. Those things include slacklining, Wing Chun and blues bars, among others. I’ve also been struggling for inspiration with my camera to boot, which doesn’t help the blog flow. A few ideas are bubbling around though, it won’t be long…

A few sparks in the dark.

And perhaps, as if there isn’t enough inspiration out there in the world already, I could look back two years and find my thoughtful 23 year old self struggling with the concept of science in society.

Not much has changed?

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One thought on “Intermittency

  1. everything has its moment … maybe now it`s time for other things, new ones!!! enjoy whatever you do!!!


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