An exchange of images

Text requires thought. Photos? Despite what those pesky professionals might say, they don’t really need much creative input. Here’s a quick look at what my camera’s pointed at so far here in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Beach Sunny

Let’s start with the biggest surprise – warm, beaming sunshine at Aberdeen’s beach. I went for a splash around. It would’ve been criminal not to.

I also wandered along a riverbank for a while. It was green, quiet, and the sounds of urban life were muffled by the gurgling water and surrounding trees.

And now, a little splash of science, courtesy of the Xchange in the delightful Speigeltent:

Spinning a football on a drill at The Xchange BSF 2012

This was one of the many very cool demos I caught at the Xchange. James Soper showed us how a spinning football on a drill will, courtesy of gyroscopic stabilisation, spin forever! Or at least until the applause stops.

Greg Foot Jellybaby Demonstration at BSF 2012

Greg Foot, seen here ‘releasing the energy’ (aka burning the hell out of) a jellybaby. Murder in the name of science? Whatever, that jellybaby’s sweet death-smoke was inhaled by dozens… RIP our tasty pal.

A lady with a cereal box on her head

Debbie from Science Made Simple nailed this demo, I reckon. Posed the engineering problem: “I need to fit myself through this empty shredded wheat box.” Solution?

Simple: Slice the box up very carefully into a giant ring! Engineering saves the day.

The shredded wheat box managed to loop around the entire audience, which apparently is a world record for the most people inside a cereal box. Or something.

Good stuff by all the demonstrators; I’m not sure if I actually learned much science, but I don’t think that’s the point of the xchange particularly; it’s very informal and a great little session for the middle of the day. Next up for me? The Victorian Science Spectacular, then the End of the World party. Sounds ominous…

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One thought on “An exchange of images

  1. protohedgehog

    What, no robotic dinosaurs?! For shame, Dave..


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