That’s great, it starts with an earthquake

I can’t really think of where to start describing the last 48 hours.

(don’t you just hate it when someone says that, then launches into a description anyway? It’s like saying “Words can’t explain how I feel” and then, what do you know… words)

So I won’t describe them. Instead I’ll note a few things, out of context, that I did or learned.

Yellow fever, which I stuck to my contamination suit, would not be as problematic in an outbreak as rabies, which is the most lethal pathogen known. An early X-Ray movie was taken of a man’s stomach after he ate bismuth. There is a giant gravity wave detector in a Louisiana swamp, and there’s an alligator living next to one of the detectors. Solar cells can be made with tea. I don’t really know what an ontology is used for in computer science, but Sam tried to explain it to me, and I gave him six out of ten. Paying people with ASDA vouchers is a somewhat effective but ethically dubious way to get them to quit smoking. I have unusually bendy thumbs. I met the wizard of the apocalypse, and his name was Chris. A woman named Euphemia Craven, who lived in Aberdeenshire about 100 years ago, had a daughter called Williamina McWillie, and their gravestone is in Old Aberdeen. And I made a computer virus.

Aaaaand that’s enough. Now I have a seven and a half hour train ride, through some beautiful, wild areas, to let my brain settle down a bit before I start work bright and early tomorrow. Here’s a traffic cone under a bridge.

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One thought on “That’s great, it starts with an earthquake

  1. Chris

    What is Bismuth? I have yet to see it used on Masterchef.


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