An eye on ENCODE

My job is pretty cool. After a month and a half of guessing what two of my workmates had been slaving away on – they weren’t allowed to talk about it – I was invited to a press launch.

It had a live dance routine.

That’s pretty cool.

The project was the launch of ENCODE, which happened at the Science Museum a few weeks ago. It is a major effort to investigate and explore the human genome, trying to go beyond reams and reams of base pairs to find actual function. You might have heard about it; this is an excellent overview.

Anyway, I got to sneak around taking a few pictures from the launch. It was impressive.

A ribbon dancer at the Science Museum for the ENCODE project

I genuinely didn’t expect to see something like this at a science press release.

The dance represented the physical bending and shaping of the genome by proteins and RNA.

At times, there was effortless grace and fluid motion; at others, awkward contortion and physical effort. A bit like any difficult endeavour!

I’m going to try to upload my last month or so of pictures soon… promise!

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