Molar eclipse of the heart

Everything that’s good about ridiculous cover songs, wrapped up in a blind furry animal.

I’m absolutely delighted with this video. It’s brilliant. The words fit the tune perfectly, AND it is spot-on correct. I hope this can be played in high school chemistry classes everywhere in the English speaking world. I’d use it in the basic chem course I taught back at Griffith; the mole concept is a struggle for many students. No more!

Next up: O2 Joy: The story of photosynthesis?

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3 thoughts on “Molar eclipse of the heart

  1. Superb!

    Not quite as catchy, perhaps, but complementary, for any of your readers who would like to know more:

    (From The Mole and Avogadro’s Number from Khan Academy — tip: if you watch the video on Khan Academy itself, register/ log in first so you benefit from easy ‘energy points’ simply for watching!)

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks Dave, QAHS will benefit from your sharing.

  3. I sort of get the mole concept now – a few more plays and I will have it nailed! An easy way to learn and remember!


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