The Milky Way

Have you ever looked at a picture of the night sky and realised just how utterly ill-equipped we are to comprehend the enormity of the Universe?

Prepare to enjoy that sense of inadequate wonder again.

(Full screen, with a low volume, helps with this one I find). Rohan, who assembled the clip, says:

What you are seeing is the entire Milky Way (our home galaxy) from end to end as we see it from Earth. The image was captured in multiple wavelengths hence the interesting range of colours.

Whoa. While the video moves slowly, the subject is enormous, and I think it deserves a bit of our time to comprehend where we sit in space.

I think the closest I’ve ever felt to astronomy and the night sky was when I was on my 2010 road trip; here’s a few dug-out photos from that:

A fiery moonset over Yorke Peninsula.

A moonlight night scene in my favourite meteor-spotting location…

A little bit of light painting while I waited for the half hour exposure.

A shadow of contemplation. And a sneaky satellite.


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3 thoughts on “The Milky Way

  1. Chris

    Wow! We are so tiny. Love to see that shack sky with you again someday.

  2. it`s wonderful

  3. would like to inquire about using one of these images for a 1-page website, promoting a very small science fiction book.


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