Can science save us?

(h/t to Mark Whatmore for putting me on to this)

Props to the University of Bristol – I like seeing real scientists posed big questions. Knowledge in general, and science specifically, is inextricably linked to the power which is wielded in society. It can be more or less explicit in its link – the atomic bomb is an obvious example of scientific power in many ways. A different example is the ‘modern’ approach to agriculture. Knowledge and power play out in an enormously complicated global food web. It ranges from the most local level – the battle of managing a crop to maturation in an unstable environment with pests and other challenges – to the global market in food that most of us have only the faintest awareness of.

I’m about to run off to see the Mad Caddies, so I can’t elaborate further, but it’s a thought provoking question: scientific knowledge has been immensely positive AND negative so far; how can we push the balance towards the positive in the future? Can science actually save us?

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2 thoughts on “Can science save us?

  1. Chris

    Excellent short discussion ‘tempter’. Useful for any Science student to explore before they ply their trade.

  2. I think it’s very dangerous to assume that ‘science can save us’ (whatever the problem). For instance, how can science ‘save’ us from the situation posed in ‘There’s no tomorrow‘?


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