ZombieLab: crunch week

If you’re in London, I highly recommend you set aside a little time this weekend and come check this out.

Or, if you’re free on Wednesday night, the potential for shenanigans is even higher, because it will be night time and there will be alcohol.

My preference would be for the weekend, because there will be more fantastic brain food than at Lates, in the form of an expanded talks series, an immersive virtual reality demo, hooking up a zombie to a real EEG, and probably less drunk people shouting.

While I probably won’t get to enjoy much of the next week, I have enjoyed elements of the development of this festival immensely. The brain is one of the most complicated things we have studied, and the people who dedicate their lives to understanding and explaining it have brilliant and hard-hitting stories to tell.

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2 thoughts on “ZombieLab: crunch week

  1. Chris

    Hope the lates and the weekend Zombiefest are a great success. Have fun!

  2. <thinks>Must watch Sean of the Dead again…</thinks>


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