I need fresh air. Please help.

Despite my inattention, this year my blog is more popular than ever. It’s because of this.

I need a new question. I need to answer a question. The question needs to be universal, it needs to be something that elicits emotions (preferably not disgust) and it needs to be one that hasn’t been answered hundreds of times on the internet already.

For that, I need your help.

What do you want to know, but have never been (a) motivated enough to find out or (b) brave enough to ask? I will pick the best response using completely arbitrary criteria, and do whatever’s necessary to uncover the state of the art. Shoot!

A lady with a cereal box on her head

Go on, just ask.

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7 thoughts on “I need fresh air. Please help.

  1. Anonymous

    Why does wee sometimes smell like puffed wheat?

  2. So how many hits does the ‘fart smell’ article have now!?

    • About 36,000. It has now overtaken my home page as the most visited page of this site of all time and rakes in about 200 search engine referrals on a quiet day, which is big for my blog.

  3. I have a challenge for you: determine the difference (in any) in attitudes towards long-term survival by those with children, and those without. To start you off, may I offer my initial ponderings on the subject, from last year.

  4. Patrick

    Why do humans regard information pertaining to social taboos (for instance farts or sex) far more interesting, pay more attention to, and even remember better that that of something more socially acceptable.
    I’m sure I’ve worded that badly. as an alternative discuss the old chestnut: What IS the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

  5. Anonymous

    Hi David,

    well, bodily emissions are just interesting. So how about telling us about sneezes? Supposedly the velocity of sneezes are ridiculously high (several hundred of miles of hours). How does this come about when we can’t throw something at more than about 100 mph with all our effort? What happens if you try to swallow (snuff out?) a sneeze. I’ve heard that you can die from doing this.

    I’ve no idea if this is already on the web though.


    Peter T

  6. I don’t understand what she is doing?


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