Someone hit play

The United Kingdom skipped a month. We collectively drew in a breath at the beginning of March, ready to exhale when warm returned and we could throw open windows, park jackets in cupboards and do all the things we hadn’t been doing since September.

And then it got colder. At first it was ‘bracing’, then it was news, then it was just cold. It wasn’t the bitter weather per se that was the problem, it’s that people expected it to disappear quickly. And so, in the mysterious dark space between expectation and reality, sixty million people paused for a month.

But now, a warm breeze blows. The days are longer and the street cafes are pushing bustling life into the outdoors, just as the trees are erupting with new leaves and blossoms. The release is palpable. Someone hit the play button. And I’m excited.

This picture's not relevant. It's a grab from a time lapse I took last year, and come to think of it, never did anything with...

This picture’s not relevant. It’s a grab from a time lapse I took last year, and come to think of it, never did anything with… move along!

For the first time, I am facing a summer in the UK with a stable job, a big friendship network, and a long list of great things to do. Let’s start with work. This week, my role consisted of discussing cyborg brain tissue with an eminent researcher, seeking permission to fly an unmanned ‘drone’ helicopter, and on Friday, I’m getting presentation training at the National Theatre. Oh, and I’m planning an event about the end of the world. Not a bad way to spend my 9-5.

But then there’s extracurriculars. I’ve got trips to Italy and Germany pipelined, with question marks over Greece and Portugal. Add in the prospect of weekend trips to peaks for rock climbing, an intensive Kung Fu training weekend getaway, and another round of sustainability training with Green Steps, and I think I have all the ingredients for a memorable few months.

Oh, and did I mention that it’s warm? It’s warm.

Finally, something to share; today, New Zealand passed a marriage equality act. That’s cool, but not something I would routinely comment on. However, the video below captures what I think might be the most stirring moment I’ve seen in a house of parliament:

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2 thoughts on “Someone hit play

  1. Pat

    I’m the play button! UK is simply gearing up for my return, trying not to disrupt my sempiternal summer! :)
    Also, got a few one-day and two-day outdoor trips in the UK to talk to you about. Will email you shortly


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