Rambling in the Heath

I promise I won’t reference Adele in this post.

I had a day off work today, and decided to explore Putney Heath. It’s not the most glamorous green space in London, but it’s probably the most interesting for me.

Unlike the more manicured ‘garden’ parks of Central London, or the rolling hills of Richmond Park, the Heath has a variety of ecosystems, including the often-maligned swamp. I love swamps. They’re smelly, squishy, and full of interesting chemistry and life. You really know you’re experiencing nature in a swamp.

An image of a stump against a reflecting swamp pool

The dark pools were studded with freshly cut stumps, which made an interesting juxtaposition against the skeletal reflections of trees…

I tiptoed and balanced my way through the swamp, and found a brushy field of pea flowers. I’m going to be honest, it was mostly brambles and really didn’t lend itself to photography, but I found a few creepy little guys hiding out.

An image of a spider in a flower.

I’m not sure if my lens-related attention was appreciated.

I found myself wishing for my old 100mm macro lens, because most of the interesting things I found were smaller than my little fingernail. Or, wouldn’t come anywhere near me, in the case of the bunnies and birds.

The only downside was the incessant drone of automobiles. There are major roads on all sides of the Heath, and it’s under the Heathrow flight path, so it’s not possible to escape the roar of internal combustion. Rumour has it you need to go further afield for that…

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2 thoughts on “Rambling in the Heath

  1. Rumour has it Dave. Really?


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