Queensland: Memories and Dreams

Queensland is a state that holds many memories for me. I’ve been from top to bottom, but it is so immense that I feel as though I’ve barely explored it at all. Whether it be recalling the search for pale headed snakes at Lake Broadwater after a desert thunderstorm, or my unfulfilled ambition to visit Eungella National Park and see a wild platypus, it captures my mind.

An image of a serene bay on Cape York

A memory.

This photo is from the sweeping bay just southwest of the most Northern point of the Australian continent: the tip of Cape York. It was one of the highlights of my 2010 trip; the evening was calm, and the gang of fellow travellers I was with quickly found our usual childish excitement morphing into a contemplative serenity. A lonely yacht was anchored in the bay, and tiny but perfect lines of swell wrapped along the flat, sandy beach. We watched the sun set and dawdled back to the car one by one, stepping over stingray holes and staring at the sky.

An image of a solar farm in the Australian outback

A dream? Image: Wikimedia Commons/Aaronazz

From the far North to the deep West, I’d love to visit the Diamantina National Park. While the picture above isn’t the most illustrative, I like the fact that there are communities out in the desert tapping into the huge source of renewable power in the sky!

The Diamantina beckons me because it’s so remote. Australia’s inner landscape is so alien, so harsh, and so beautiful. It’s a place where you can find true silence away from cities and flight paths, and adventurous people are rewarded with experiences that few share. There’s also surprising biodiversity, especially after major rains.

Do you have any memories of Queensland, or dreams of places you’d like to visit?

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3 thoughts on “Queensland: Memories and Dreams

  1. Dave
    On a recent trip “up bush” I was blown away by how many stars there were. No humidity, no clouds no topography. You could almost imagine that the black-out awning that we call night was wearing thin in places.
    Cheers Henk

    • “the black-out awning that we call night was wearing thin” Henk, you’ve no idea how jealous that makes me – the handful of times I’ve been away from big cities at night for the past two and a half years, it’s been cloudy. What disappoints me more is that I know there’s a sky of unfamiliar stars here, but I haven’t been able to enjoy them. Oh well – more motivation for this challenge!

  2. Chris

    One of my favourite Qld trips was from Brisbane to Longreach by train. Seeing so much variation in the scenery on the way and then enjoying both the Stockman’s Hall of Fame and the Qantas museum. We had dinner on a boat on a Billabong. So many stars and an amazing sunset. Memorable.


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