Rocks are big

A climber on a large rock face

One thing that really impressed me while climbing is how BIG rock faces are. Until there’s a person to give them context, it’s hard to comprehend.

A rock climber starting a huge boulder climb.

This is another example of the ‘holy crap, rocks are huge’ effect. Also, check all the fossils on the lower left!

P.S. I promise that my blog isn’t JUST going to have climbing pictures on it.

Just a few.

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2 thoughts on “Rocks are big

  1. Hey Dave
    When I look at the second photo I don’t see the man at all, I see the that the rocks in front are standing on edge whilst the ones in the background are flat. This makes me wonder what the heck has gone on. Can you send me a kml file of the location
    Cheers Henk

    • Hi Henk, I don’t know what a KML file is but I suspect I can guess! What Stefan is climbing here is just a boulder – a massive one – which has fallen down from the cliffs above (well, I assume that’s how it got there). It’s on the Isle of Portland: on the Jurassic Coast.

      It must have been quite something when a chunk of rock this size (it’s a good 50m tall) just went and broke off…


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