Missions and rewards

In the past three weekends, I’ve done rather a bit of travel within England. Portland, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Cambridge, Coventry and Lancaster have all been on the itinerary. I’ve clocked up more than 2000km of overland travel. It’s been a little tiring, but the weather has been stunning and I can safely say I’m squeezing every drop out of the English summer.

Here’s a picture I took at one of those places.

An image of Blacknor South and Battleship crags at Portland, Dorset, with climbing going on

The approach view at Portland. Simply stunning. Click on the image to view it large!

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2 thoughts on “Missions and rewards

  1. Alan Sharp

    Wow.. Great picture. Been reading about rock climbing and mountaineering experiences while I landed here. Went through some of your posts. Really like the pictures man. I’m an amateur rock climber. Who am I kidding. I’m a beginner unless you count some indoor rock climbing experience.:P Looking to do some serious climbing outdoors. Not sure if I’m ready for it though. Maybe I’ll start with some rock climbing courses in Alberta and then start of carrying on myself. Keep posting more pictures and share your thoughts and experiences. :)


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