Moving House

This blog was born in a different time – the latter days of the noughties, as Lady Gaga perched poker faced on the top of the charts and swine flu swept international headlines as the potential pandemic du jour. That month, April 2009, I resolved to venture over the parapets of the ivory tower of science. Rekindling a personal writing voice was a rung on that ladder, so davidpj popped into existence.

Since I first set fingertips to keys here almost 7 years ago, I’ve published 757 posts (with three dozen more languishing in the ‘well-intentioned drafts’ folder) and accumulated over 300,000 views (though I have no idea what that number really means). I’ve had great conversations with people I’ve never met. And I’ve moved halfway round the non-digital world (and back) and been paid to write things that start with “I”, a rare thing for a scientist.

I’ve now built myself a new home. It’s a different home for a different decade and a new journey for me. I was a wide-eyed young scientist grabbing ideas wherever I could find them and throwing them into my mind to see what stuck. That person still exists, but has been shaped a little more by steps I’ve taken outside the tower. If you go and take a look around, you might see the decor is different.

This might not be the end of davidpj – if I am seized by the compulsion to write something that doesn’t feel right sitting on my new digital shelves, it might spring into life here. Til then, thanks for reading!

Florence Boy Sitting Square.jpg

Sometimes you just need to sit down and contemplate life. It’s always worthwhile. Florence, Italy, August 2015.


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One thought on “Moving House

  1. Took a virtual stroll over to your new residence. It’s looking good! But, particularly as I can’t (at first glance anyway) see a way to ‘follow’ your new blog, I do hope you won’t leave ‘davidpj’ to rot in the tumbleweeds … :)

    I wish you all the very best in whatever future world we end up virtually sharing.


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