You Are My Ultimate Referee

What’s going on?

I’ve made the top 25 – from a field of 45000 – for the Queensland Park Ranger role in Tourism Australia’s Bests Job in the World. The opportunity could change my life. But to make the cut for the final 3, I need to secure the support of ‘ultimate referees’ for the position.

A Park Ranger’s job is to watch over and protect the environment – which means I’ll be doing a job that’s important to everyone. That’s why I think the ultimate referee isn’t just one person. It’s the multitude of people around the world who appreciate the most inspiring areas of the planet we live on.

An image of a dragonfly on gravel

That means you!

Why should you be my referee?

My whole life so far has been preparing me for this job; academically, professionally and in thousands of hours spent experiencing Australia’s unique wilderness.

This job isn’t just about promoting the Great Barrier Reef – though that’s important. It’s also about the sweeping outback, which is too often out of sight and mind of environmentalists. It’s about animals like the Armoured Mist Frog, thought extinct but recently rediscovered in the remote Far North, and intricate ecosystems of all kinds. It’s about a landscape with tens of thousands of years of enchanting heritage. And it’s about helping people to feel a sense of wonder and connection with nature. I will strive to share stories of Queensland that you haven’t heard before.

So what am I asking you to do?

Early Referees

Some of my first referees – signs in any language welcome!

I need people who believe I can be a great Park Ranger to endorse me, and the video below explains how you can help me by doing this. I need voices of all ages, walks of life, and continents – because everyone has a stake in the natural world. To become one of my ultimate referees, just do these four things:

1. Get your pen and paper out and make a sign, or print one.

2. Take a happy snap with the sign – it could just be you, or with a local landmark, pet, park or doing something you love.

3. Send the picture(s) to me at dave4ranger AT gmail DOT com by the end of Sunday 5th May.

4. Use the sharing options below to spread the word about this post far and wide! In many ways this is the most important part – I’m putting my chances for getting this job in your hands.

Everyone who endorses me will be a part of my ‘ultimate referee’ package that will give me a shot at reaching the final. Think of it like a kickstarter, except it’s free for you to become a backer, and if it succeeds I’ll give you 6 months of great photos, videos and stories :-)

To see my initial application video and find out why I’m perfect for this job, click here.

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This has

some stunning footage in it. The intro sequence particularly gives a sense of the wildness of the Hawaiian winter…

Excellent stuff, Miller Best. People who dedicate themselves to long hours behind a lens, then staring at an edit suite, to deliver bite-sized chunks of action like this have my gratitude!

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It never rains

I’ve not been particularly lucky when it comes to weather in the UK. One of the rainiest summers ever, and now a winter which doesn’t seem to want to end.

A corner seems to have been turned, though. Standing in the drizzle at the end of Exhibition Road this evening, I was relieved to note that the temperature seems to have tipped over into the double digits. And Sunday has a forecast maximum of 16C, which I don’t think I’ve seen for more than 6 months now. That’s practically t-shirt and board shorts weather. Right?

It was a good moment to take a snap of a dreamy looking Natural History Museum. Working in the Science Museum, and walking past the majestic facades of Albertopolis daily, I rarely stop to take them in.

NHM Blue Twilight

Oh, and I’d really like to see Dispatch live. The vibe in this crowd looks fantastic. “I have seen the others, and I have discovered, that this fight is not worth fighting…”

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An enchanting ode to the stars

That’s what it is. Try it in full screen.

One of the things I’ve found to be subtle, but difficult, about London is the featureless orange glow of the night. Only the brightest stars and planets can force their light through the smog and compete with the millions of bulbs. Oh, to be in the desert, the dry crystal air adding only a gentle ripple to the canopy of diamonds…

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Brothers on the Slide

I’m not sure if there’s ever been a more (in?)appropriate song for a video I’ve made.

While this won’t be setting the extreme sports world alight, it’s a nice little memoir of an excellent trip.

Also, note the person I board past at 3.14: an excellent reason NOT to wear an all-white ski suit. Invisible when fallen over!

Alps and clouds

An early view of the Alps from the window of our coach.

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