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Images of the photographic variety from multiple locations

I mentioned in my last post I’ve been getting around a bit this summer. Here’s a bit more evidence for your eyebuds.

An image of cathedral doors in Germany.

Cathedral Doors in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Missions and rewards

In the past three weekends, I’ve done rather a bit of travel within England. Portland, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Cambridge, Coventry and Lancaster have all been on the itinerary. I’ve clocked up more than 2000km of overland travel. It’s been a little tiring, but the weather has been stunning and I can safely say I’m squeezing every drop out of the English summer.

Here’s a picture I took at one of those places.

An image of Blacknor South and Battleship crags at Portland, Dorset, with climbing going on

The approach view at Portland. Simply stunning. Click on the image to view it large!

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Portland Power Pose

An image of a climber on a rock

Standing on a huge rock? Check. Framed by fluffy white clouds in a blue sky? Check. Action pose? Check. Click!

As usual, if you want to see a full-resolution version of this picture in all its un-wordpress-compressed glory, click anywhere above. It’s wallpaper sized!

I discovered on Sunday that rock formations offer a much wider, and cooler, selection of angles than I’d expected for photography…

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A Miscellaneous Few

A glass monolith at Canary Wharf.


These little fuzz-balls have been wandering about on the Thames Path near my house. Awwwww.

This scene tickled me; it almost looks like the tree is staring down at the woman.

I can’t get over just how stupendously green Epping Forest was when I visited. I guess it’s spring…

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A nice, simple photo

Candle in the dark

I've been writing lots of words lately. Here's a simple picture or two, found by typing random strings of numbers into my Spotlight.

Ha! Comical. This day, I left my fins at a friend's house, so showed up at the break, took a few pictures, then had to drive an hour round trip to come back and surf :-/

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