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Feeling the squeeze

Blogging is definitely an activity that is currently getting sacrificed on the altar of focused (though not particularly long) working hours, plus extra working hours, and birthday socialising fun times.

Here’s some old pictures. I promise I’ll be back to shower the internet with more glorious links, rants and suchlike soon.

4WD in a muddy track

The first crossing of the Old Telegraph Track, Cape York, Queensland. You ain’t in Kansas anymore, fellas.

barrel pit wave perfect wallpaper.

My current desktop wallpaper, because I’m a masochist. You can click through to view the full size and make it your desktop background too, if you like. Red Rock, absolutely perfect, not a soul in sight, 2010.


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There will be content

But in the meantime, here's a picture I've never shown anyone before. South Coast, June 2010.

Oh, and guess what? This blog turned 3 yesterday. In that time, I put up 662 posts. Wow.

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A nice, simple photo

Candle in the dark

I've been writing lots of words lately. Here's a simple picture or two, found by typing random strings of numbers into my Spotlight.

Ha! Comical. This day, I left my fins at a friend's house, so showed up at the break, took a few pictures, then had to drive an hour round trip to come back and surf :-/

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Jaw-blowing and Mind-dropping


I have been flat to the boards planning and organising the next Science Museum Lates event at work, but… this is just absurd. ’til next time, try not to get eaten alive by a giant mutant lump of ocean.

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A bit of lip on a Friday

Inside Lip of Wave

Inside-out view from the shadow of a thick, glassy wave.

The ability to freeze the view from a fraction of a second and examine it later is one of the marvels of modern photography.

The fact that the camera I took this with fit in the palm of my hand is even more mind blowing.

None of it, though, matches the stunning beauty of the phenomenon captured. This wave is completely unique, a physical manifestation of the energy reaching our planet from the Sun, crashing towards land to dissipate into nothing.

Fun to ride, too.

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