Double Header: Musical Top 5 of 2010

This one’s a double bonus: my top 5 new songs of 2010, plus my top 5 most played songs of 2010! There was some overlap; I’ll do my list of new songs first, and exclude duplicates from the ‘most played’ list. I’ll be interested to know if you agree with my choices!

There were many hours of driving in 2010, listening to tunes and watching the world go by…

My Top 5 Songs of 2010:

  1. The National – Bloodbuzz Ohio. While I don’t usually go in for songs with such a ‘down’ vocalist, this one just hits me. The percussion is sensational and his voice grabbed me the first time I heard it on the radio. It’s been my most played song of the year by a long margin.
  2. Streetlight Manifesto – Linoleum. A bouncy, cheerful cover of a punk classic. Top fun to play on guitar too!
  3. Hot Chip – One Life Stand. These guys gave me a new appreciation for electronically-driven music; the good thing, though, is that they’re a full band and are great live, not just a guy with a laptop.
  4. The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang. A catchy Jersey anthem, which I first heard in June at Red Rock.
  5. Art vs Science – Magic Fountain. There were better songs than this, but I’m not sure if there was one which was more hilarious. The film clip is silly, the lyrics are silly, the cheese is piled high and my feet are tapping!
The township of Red Rock by night, where I first heard the preview of ‘American Slang’ on JJJ Radio.

My Most Played Songs of 2010, excluding those listed above:

  1. Gotye – Night Drive. You’ll notice a common theme… driving songs. This one is so chilled out, showcasing his soothing voice but with a sly, upbeat tempo. The drums at the end make me think of Paul Simon’s Graceland.
  2. Frank Turner – The Road. This song was perfect for me. I don’t think I should have to explain why. Bravo, Frank.
  3. Dire Straits – Telegraph Road. Once again, an incredible driving song, the jewel in the crown of Dire Straits’ work and I actually drove along ‘the dirty old track – it was the telegraph road’…
  4. The Decemberists – The Infanta. I actually got into the album The Hazards of Love after seeing the Decemberists at the Big Day Out, but it is a concept album which must be listened to in one piece. The Infanta’s a self contained, upbeat English folk/rock story…
  5. Daft Punk – Da Funk. I hadn’t listened to these french robots seriously before; but one fateful morning, we were driving through the Daintree Rainforest in tropical North Australia and Smithy spun up Homework on his Patrol’s immense soundsystem. The funk blew me away.

There you have it – a peek into the soundscape of my 2010! What are you going to remember as your favourite new songs, or defining soundtracks, of the year?

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3 thoughts on “Double Header: Musical Top 5 of 2010

  1. hamy935

    Geez you surely have a good taste in musical. My memory about 2010 is just about one word: CHAOS. Being in Europe makes me realise this is a crazy crazy world. Pftpft…

  2. Pat

    Yah for the National!

  3. Chris

    Nothing new in 2010, just an obsession with Gotye “Your Heart’s a Mess’ and an enjoyment of all things Polyphonic Spree and Mad Caddies. Oooops, forgot Florence and her Machines.


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